How long does the warranty last on my order?
You can find the warranty period on the product page of the article.
My purchase is damaged or defective. How can I submit a warranty claim?
Please contact our service department as outlined in the steps below.
Does it cost me money to submit a warranty claim from abroad?
As long as the product is still under warranty, a repair service or replacement covered by the warranty will be provided to you free of charge.
What is the status of my request for service?
Please feel free to contact us at service@babymax.nl.
Can I also drop by the shop to submit a warranty claim?
Please contact our customer service to schedule an appointment for this.
How does the warranty work in case of needing to use it when i live abroad?
The warranty of all items is 2 year starting from the date of shipping.  Some brands like Bugaboo, Joolz or UppaBaby does have extra year(s) warranty after registration at the website of Bugaboo, Joolz or Uppababy. When something happens with ...

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