Cybex Priam New Generation, available now online!

Cybex Priam New Generation, available now online!

The new Cybex Priam model has a more luxurious design and is equipped with innovative new functionalities. The latest Cybex Priam model is equipped with an innovative harness system, intuitive mounting, new cup holder position, improved shoulder pad fixation, new compartment for storing your things, breathable cot base and a new design.

Innovative belt system Cybex Priam Seat

The Cybex Priam New Generation has been updated with a redesigned one-pull belt system for added convenience. This striking new feature offers more comfort for the parent and child. Thanks to this innovative system, you can fasten the belt accurately within seconds with just one hand.

Renewed Cybex Priam Carrycot

The raised carrycot means the child is closer to the parent. It's also extremely ergonomic for lifting your child in and out of the carrycot. The carrycot also features a new design and a compartment ideal for storing parental items. In addition, the new carrycot has a breathable mattress and is even 0.2 kg lighter, which in turn makes a difference when it comes to lifting it.

Enlarged Shopping Basket

The shopping basket on the Cybex Priam Next Generation is also a bit bigger. This means that all your child's groceries can fit into the shopping basket.

The latest collection of the New Generation Cybex Priam 2022 is now online!

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