What are the shipping costs to Norway?

By ordering from Norway, the Dutch VAT of 21% will be removed in the checkout. The order will be shipped with DAP (Delivered At Place) Cleared, that means that the shipping and handling costs will be payed by Baby Max. The receiver pays the import duties and taxes for Norway. 

Based on the taxes of this moment, the amount of the invoice which you will receive at your homeadress will be around 26% on top of the price in the checkout.

For example a stroller has a selling price of 10.000 NOK at our website. When you add this to your basket, the 21% VAT will be refunded, the amount will be 8264 NOK. Then when you receive the stroller at your homeadress, there will be import duties and taxes added. So you will receive an invoice from 26% of 8264 NOK = 2148.64 NOK

The amount will be 10.412.64 NOK by a fee of 26%.

Above the amount of 150,- euro, the delivery is for free. Below the amount of 150,- euro, the delivery costs are 25,- euro.

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