Discover the Bugaboo Owl by Nuna

Discover the Bugaboo Owl by Nuna

Bugaboo has developed the Owl in collaboration with Nuna. In this blog we tell you everything you need to know about this great car seat.

From baby to toddler

The Bugaboo Owl by Nuna is a great buy if you want to be ready for the next few years, you can use this car seat from birth to the age of approximately 4 years (maximum 105 cm and 18 kg). The headrest has 6 positions and there are removable back and reducer cushions so that you can easily adjust the chair to your way-to-fast-growing little one.

Especially for the first period, it is good to know that the soft materials of this seat are made out of bamboo and merino wool, these two materials have the property to help regulate body temperature and this is especially for babies big benefit of the seat.

Comfort for parent and child

You place the car seat on the separately available 360 ​​Isofix base by Nuna, which ensures that you can easily turn the seat in all positions and you will not twist your back when you place your child in the car.

This is the perfect car seat for your child for naps and relaxing moments, because it has 5 different lying positions.

Safety comes first

Of course, nothing is more important than the safety of your child. The Owl has everything to make car rides as safe as possible, so you can transport your child both rear- and forward faced. Until at least 76 cm and 15 months you transport your child backwards, after that it is safe to continue to do this, but you can also choose to transport your child forward faced.

The headrest also contains Tailor tech memory foam and EPP energy-absorbing foam for better safety in a side impact.

Are you also excited about the Bugaboo Owl by Nuna? 

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